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The While My Baby is Growing Episode:1 "0-3 Months"

Long-lasting cries are not seen in infants who get carried on the back or chest. Carry your baby on the lap or on the carrier for at least three hours. If you regularly leave your baby crying unrequited, your baby not only feels weak, but also feels unimportant.

Regularly responding to your baby's cries will reduce his crying. The longer the baby cries, the longer it takes to silence her. Don't worry about pampering your baby by responding instantly. A small baby cannot be spoiled, and babies who are very interested in the first months become more independent later. Do not make the mistake of giving your baby something for every tear. To stop crying, do not try to go for a walk one day, another day in a car, and another in a baby swing. Usually try to use the same method, which works. Some babies sit in the first months of the world watching their lives satisfied while others do not do anything themselves cry. It might help to show them around and tell him what you're doing at the time. You can also try the following methods:

- Shake softly but rhythmically

- take out, drive or walk

- Walk through in the house

- Swaddle. It can be very comforting to wrap tightly for some babies.

- Get in your arms and rest on your chest

- take a hot bath

- Sing a song. If you discover a melody that your baby likes, you can say it over and over; most babies love repeating

- Massage

- Put the baby on your lap and lay it on your stomach and lightly touch it on the back

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