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The While My Baby is Growing Episode:1 "18-24 Months"

Anger at an early age

Suggestions and methods that will make it easier for you to deal with anger attacks ...

It can be observed that even a 12-month-old child can make a fuss when something is not done. In the middle of the second year, most children may exhibit these behaviors that are characteristic for two years. These seizures may be mild or moderate. To deal with them;

- Stay calm

- Speak in soft tone

-Don't compromise or discuss with your child during the session

- Protect your little child and those around you. A small child may be injured and injured by a large amount of kicking around during the seizure

- Try to keep your child. Being held firmly at the time of the crisis helps some young children to recover in a row where they are scattered.

- Try pulling the other direction.

- Move to the level of your little child. Sitting on the floor eliminates the demoralizing gap between your little one and you.

- Ignore the occupation. Often the best method of warfare is never to fight; a small child left alone with the seizure, he can throw faster than the system.

If you are unable to stop a seizure, don't worry - it will probably have to be passed on. When your young child can pull out all the tension, his crying will gradually decrease and end.

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