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The While My Baby is Growing Episode:1 "3-6 Months"

3-6 months: Foods that should not be given to babies

From cocoa to soft drinks, did you know that many products entered this class?

- Smoked or processed meats

- Smoked fish such as smoked salmon or trout

- Food and beverages including caffeine and related compounds such as coffee, tea, cocoa and chocolate

- Imitation foods and beverages, such as milk-free cream, frozen soya-bean milk desserts.

- Herbal teas

- Vitamin preparations other than those specially prepared for babies

- Raw fish

- Alcoholic beverages

- Tap water contaminated by bird, PCB or other harmful substances

- Vegetables and fruits known to be contaminated. If you notice that a particular vegetable or fruit is harmful, do not buy it until the name is cleared or a non-contaminated variety is found.

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