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The While My Baby is Growing Episode:1 "6-9 Months"

Raising a Super Baby

Adding new substances while there is already an intensive program that need to be learned can lead to neglect of some stages of development.

There are many things that babies need to learn in the first year of life. During this intensive twelve months, it is necessary to learn the concept of bond, trust and continuity of objects with other people.

I know my mother was there even though I couldn't see her when she hid.

Also their bodies (sit, stand, walk); hands (to take objects and drop them) and their minds (how to solve problems such as how to get the toy from the shelf that cannot be reached); they have to learn the meaning of hundreds of words, how to pronounce them using their lips and throats, and some things about who they are ( What am I like, what I love, what I don't like, what makes me sad or happy?). Adding new substances that need to be learned while already having such an intensive program can lead to neglect of some stages of development.

Parents who are attracted to the creation of a superbaby should ask themselves the following questions:

What is my goal ?: Make my child feel superior to others? Is it possible that such an emotion will benefit her further in the future? What are the emotional effects and psychological implications of attending college as a small child?

Do I feel comfortable with babies and children? Some people who cannot reach their babies' level try to raise their children to their level as much as possible. But babies need to be infant and it may be more appropriate to meet them in the place where they are.

Even parents who have decided to create a superbaby provide ample warning and assistance in simple problems of infancy; comparing it to various settings (shops, parks, museums, gas stations and others); talking about the people they see (”this lady is too old m, orum this guy has to sit because he has a horizon in his leg tı, ın those kids are going to school”) and how the devices work (ında You see, I'm opening the tap and the water starts to flow “) and what they do ( By describing the differences between them (en This is a chair, a chair to sit kendileri) and the differences between them (”The horse's tail is long and short sheep”), they can grow up to the great potential of reaching their maximum potential at the speed suitable for them.

Learning - even if it is a letter - should always be fun. If you try to reach some goals constantly, learning will not be very enjoyable for both of you. Allow your baby to guide you, let it set the speed, if your little student is bored or unhappy, try shifting down.

Children learn for themselves what is important - not for their families - but also for themselves. If anemia or my father wants to do something more important than what I want to do, their self-respect will be damaged. Inevitably, there are mistakes in reaching the expectations of parents. In the long run, children learn to love and count themselves, which is more important than learning to play or play the piano in their infancy.

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