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The While My Baby is Growing Episode:1 "9-12 Months"

Can't Walk Yet

Early or late walking is not an indicator of the intelligence of the baby.

Different studies give the mean walking age between 13-15 months. Most children walks after their first birthday. The fact that the first step was taken at the 9th, 15th or later is not an indication of the intelligence of the baby.

Poor nutrition and poor environment can also delay walking. For example, a bad decline may be a negative effect when the mother leaves her hands first. In such a case, a new trial should not be done before the baby is fully recovered. A child forced by his family and exercised every day may rebel.

Letting your baby sit in the game pool or on the pusette so long will not give the chance to develop to the leg muscles and causes delay. Give him/her a suitable environment and enough time for to stand up and move forward.Remove dangerous goods, prevent slippage and place the seats close so that they can safely move from one to the other. As he presses his toes, he can walk more easily with bare feet. For a baby who takes the first step, the socks are very slippery, the shoes are very hard and heavy.

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