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The While My Baby is Growing Episode:2 "0-3 M"

First smiles…

It is not true that your baby laughs unconsciously. When he really smiles, you will feel it.

No mother wants to believe that the baby's smile is not from happiness. It is written everywhere, in magazines and in books. The mother hears this fact from her close friends, from people she never knew, and from doctors; The baby smiles in an unconscious way because the baby is happy.

Scientific data revealed that babies did not laugh in the real social sense until four six weeks of age. Still, it is not true that your baby laughs unconsciously. They can also laugh and enjoy; many babies smiles when they fall asleep, urinate or touch their cheeks.

When the baby really laughs, you feel it. Do not care about why smiles until they are really smiling and enjoy.

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