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The While My Baby is Growing Episode:2 "18-24 M"

Energy Discharge Ways For Young Children

You can direct our small dynamos to energy spending activities here.

Most young children are bundles of energy. It is quite difficult to find safe and acceptable ways of draining energy by tired parents. When the small child starts crashing into the walls, drive this small dynamite under the necessary supervision to the following energy expenditure activities:

• Punching or kneading the dough

• Punching a training bag or pillow

• ”play drums by hitting the leak

• Playing with percussion toys

• Knead the clay

• Dance with live music

• Encourage your child to aerobics (just for fun purposes, such as “touching your toes, jumping, touching your head-to-shoulder-knee-toe •).

• Pillow fights (where there are no lamps or other fragile items)

• Throw bean bag (in a safe place)

• Gymnastic movements, such as tumbling (on a large cushion or carpet, away from sharp corners and other hazards)

• Live ring games and moving songs

• Run on site (for older children)

• Jump (play How high can you jump?)

• Long jump ( How far can you jump?)

• Playing with water in the tub


• Free play; running, jumping, climbing

• Playground games; sway, slip, wild forest garden

• Ball hitting and throwing (use large, lightweight balls)

• Roll a large ball ”

• Driving a tricycle or other toy

• Draw a wagon

• Water fight in children's pool

• Splashing water puddles on rainy days (wearing raincoats and boots)

• Roller skates or skating and skating (for later children)

• Break the weeds in the garden (for children who do not want to taste them)

• Excavation in the garden

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