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The While My Baby is Growing Episode:2 "3-6 M"

A new way to sleep at night and sleep all night

Are you open to try new ways to put your baby a sleep with peace all night?

Helping your baby to sleep and sleep again after waking up such as yapnap, feding or playing, singing, lullaby cassettes, it will do nothing but delay learning to do it on her/his own. Your first step should be to reduce the number of waking at night and the duration of candies it does during the day.

- Interrupting interest: If your baby wakes up one or two times a night to feed, don't respond - let it cry.

- Slowly reduce: If your baby wakes up more than three or four times at night, or if you are restless while applying the above tactic, move more slowly. Answer him when he calls, but not feed him. Instead, make him sleep again in a different way (slightly tapping, lullaby, shaking). Apply a slower-paced program that allows you to let it cry after the need for feeding at night

- Systematic wake-up: Record a log for the week when your baby wakes up at night, so you have an idea of ​​the usual waking hours. And then, set your watch half an hour before the first expected. Wake up when the alarm goes off, wake up the baby and do what you do in normal waking up (changing the diaper, breastfeeding, shaking, etc.). Increasing the time between these systemic evokes and then decreasing them one by one. After a few weeks you should be able to remove them completely.

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