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The While My Baby is Growing Episode:2 "6-9 M"

Pampering the baby

Are you spoiling her or are you overly disciplined? Where do the limits begin and end? Are there any measures? Of course there is!

If you do not want to pamper your baby, you should take some precautions in advance. Always stop at a distance and try the following.

- Make sure your baby doesn't want to be carried on the lap because of a lack of interest. Have you played a few times throughout the day and really played with it? (Read a book, play with a toy, or practice standing up.) Or just leave her alone in your playground with a toy that you interact with, leave her wrapped around her car and take her toys to play, or do you pick and shake it when you're ready to go? If this is the case, your baby may have thought that it is better to move on the lap all day rather than being ignored.

- After that, check your baby's physical needs. Meal time? Need diaper change? Is he tired? Sick? If so, meet his needs and proceed to the next step.

- Take him somewhere else. If in the cradle, take him to the playground and if in the playground take him to walker; if on the walker, put it on the ground. These measures can satisfy his passion for travel.

- Make sure he has toys and items to keep him amused. As the area of ​​attention is narrow, leave two or three toys in the space that she/he can reach, otherwise too many toys will annoy her/him. If not, get new toys.

- If he continues to complain, lean on him (but don't hold him) and engage her/his attention on something else. For example; how to hit the pot with a wooden spoon or to show eyes-mouth-nose in toy animals.

- If he is calm for a short time, even if he still has a reluctant objection, tell him that there are jobs you need to do and leave without hesitation. Stay in the area of ​​his sight. If it works, chat and sing. If your baby is at the playground or cradle, be out of her/his sight (but be sure to hear it). Before you do this, go behind the corner and hide, for telling to your baby that you will come back show your head again after you disappear.

- Leave him alone longer with his toys, so if he needs to, let him protest longer. But always calm him down before she/he starts cry, and then repeat the procedure. Don't take him on your lap as much as possible, but also do net turn this into a war of will. He will win. If you wait until your baby starts crying, it will come to the conclusion that this is what is needed to attract attention.

- Don't feel guilty or restless because you didn't hold him on the lap or play with him every minute of the day. If you act like this, you give the message that playing alone is not fun but punishment and loneliness. As long as you have plenty of time to play with him, the time you spend apart from each other will benefit both of you.

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