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The While My Baby is Growing Episode:2 "Newborn"

Misconceptions about breastfeeding

What you know about breastfeeding is wrong? How about learning the truth?

- You cannot breastfeed if you have small breasts or your nipples are flat. In fact: The appearance does not affect milk production or the mother's ability to give milk. All breasts and nipples, regardless of size and shape, can satisfy a hungry baby.

- It's hard to breastfeed. In fact: It would be really easy to breastfeed your baby. Breasts, the bottle is ready, your baby is always ready. When you go to the beach you don't think you've taken them and you're not concerned about the deterioration of the milk in the hot sun.

- Breastfeeding restricts you. In fact: It is a fact that breastfeeding is more suitable for mothers who want to spend most of their time with their babies. However, mothers who want to collect their milk or give their babies from time to time can satisfy their work, or other needs and their desire to breastfeed. When it's time to go out with the baby, a mother who always has plenty of food and a breastfeeding mother is always much more free.

- Breastfeeding will damage your breasts. In fact: Breastfeeding does not have a lasting effect on the shape and size of your breasts. Many people are very surprised by this fact. Genetic factors, age, inadequate support of your breasts (without a bracelet) or the excess weight you get during pregnancy can cause your breasts to be loose after having a child. But breastfeeding should not be blamed.

- Breastfeeding excludes father. To be honest: a father who wants to participate in the care of his baby can create many opportunities for it; to wash, to change, to keep, to shake, to play.

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