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The While My Baby is Growing Episode:3 "Newborn"

Newborn Reflexes

Attention! If your baby does not have these reflexes, there is a problem.

Try to see the following reflexes in your baby. However, Keep in mind that your baby’s response may be affected by factors such as hunger and fatigue. If you don't get the response you expect from one or more of these tests at home, the problem may be with your technique or schedule, not with your baby. Repeat the test on another day and if you do not get a response again, talk to your baby's doctor for further examination.

Boggle or Moro Reflex: Sudden or loud sound or falling sensation causes the baby to stretch the legs, arms and fingers suddenly, stretch back like a bow, throw back the head, then pull the arms back to his/her chest and squeeze his/her fists. Duration: 4 to 6 months

Babinski Reflex: When the soles of the feet are drawn softly from the heel to the finger, the feet curl inwards and the fingers rise up. Duration: Six months to two years; later, the fingers begin to curl inward.

Suction Reflex: The baby touched by the cheek slightly, turns towards the direction of the stimulus, opens his/her mouth and gets ready to suck. Duration: takes 3-4 months; This reflex can also be seen while baby sleeping.

Walking or Stepping Reflex: The baby supported by the armpits, standing on a table or a smooth surface lifts one leg and then the other, as if he/she will walk. This reflex becomes clear after the fourth day. Duration: Variable but typically lasts two months. (The presence of this reflex does not indicate that the baby will walk early.)

Capture Reflex: While the baby's face is facing forward, the baby's hand is bent while the arms are smaller and the index finger is squeezed into the palm. The neonatal retention reflex can be strong enough to support the whole body weight. Duration: 3-4 months.

Tonic Nape Reflex: When lying on the back, the infant tilts the head on one side, extends the arm and leg on the side on which it rotates and bends the opposite side of the arm (defensive position). Duration: It can be seen during childbirth or in the next two months.

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