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Tje While My Baby is Growing Episode:2 "12-18 M"

How To Separate Your Child From The Breast

Weaning in 6 steps

It will be useful to show more love and attention to your child during this period. Try to fill up with other activities to replace the times you spend milk. Do not try to prevent if your toddler finds a diffrent ways or activities instead of getting breast (such as a finger sucking) or a pleasant object (such as a blanket or a toy animal). Children need all the support they can get in this period.

- First Step: Make sure your toddler is able to drink liquids from a cup easily.

- Second step: Select time carefully. If your child is experiencing other important changes (such as getting to know a new babysitter, having day care, having a new sibling), or if he or she is ill due to illness or similar reason, do not begin the separation from the breast. Before you start, make sure everything in your toddler's life is calm.

- Third Step: Keep the breastfeeding last (except before sleep time). If your child is awake or hungry from sleep in the morning or another, give him or her a liquid nutrient or solid food in a cup. If it is not hungry and still wants a breast, follow it. The amount of milk that you suck over time and your milk production will also decrease and you will be more comfortable when cutting from the breast.

- Fourth Step: Give your child the breast before, not after the usual sleep time work (bathing, wearing pajamas, storytelling, tooth brushing, etc.). Try to prevent your toddler from sleeping while sucking his or her nipples, thus preventing him or her from going to a dream resort that relaxes himself. You can do this by playing moving music, talking, singing, or other people in the room.

- Fifth Step: Reduce the number of daily feeding. Begin your day at mid-day meals, where your toddler is least interested. This process will probably take several weeks. Changing your daily routines, that is, taking your toddler to places where you don't breastfeed normally (shopping, going to the playground, or playgroup, museum or similar places) will make it easier. Finally reduce your child's favorite one feed. Most of the time, this will be a night's bedtime, but some toddlers can stay attached to the breast they take when they get up in the morning. If there is any swelling in your breasts at any time, reduce your pressure by providing your milk with your hands and provide relief.

- Sixth Step: Cut the remaining nutrition. An easy way to take this last step is to have your father or grandmother to take your toddler for a few nights into their bed and you are out of the house. Or make the change when visiting family relatives or while on vacation; If you are in a place where your child cannot connect with the breast suction, the breast may be less insistent to suck. A distraction that may be in the form of a new toy, book, sound recording or a special visitor may also be useful.

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